At Lazco, tattoo removal is all we do! We’re tattoo removal specialists, dedicated to providing you with the latest techniques, procedures and advice and ensuring that your safety, comfort and results and delivered in a completely professional and private manner. Since opening, we’ve performed more than 4,000 tattoo removal treatments on more than 500 clients.


We’re constantly evaluating and investing in the world’s best technologies in tattoo removal to ensure that we are and stay the most effective and efficient tattoo removal clinic. This also allows us to treat the large range of tattoos presented to us, whilst minimising any procedural discomfort and possible side effects.


When you partner with Lazco Tattoo Removal for your laser tattoo removal, we guarantee you’ll love the results and in most cases, 100% tattoo removal is achievable.

Why Choose Lazco?

Do you have an unwanted tattoo?
Do you want to make way for a new tattoo?

  • Our state of the art laser machines make it possible and easier than ever before
  • During treatment pain relief provided for your added comfort free of charge!
  • Obligation free quotes and consultations!